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Oxford Diecast Oxford Aviation AC103
Hawker Tempest Mk V Diecast Model
RAF No.3 Sqn, SN330, Wunstorf, Germany, 1946

1:72 Scale   Length   Width
Hawker Tempest Mk V   5.75"   6.75"

This Tempest Mk V came into service with 3 Squadron after the hostilities ceased. It was deployed across the Channel and in real life - as the Tempest II - incorporated further developments and many improvements over the first wartime batch, which had carried the serial number prefix J. Immediately post-war, and with the serial numbers SN, it was deployed as No. SN330 to RAF Wunstorf in Germany in September 1946, where it was part of the British presence on the Rhine.

This model is painted all-over silver with a green nosecone and spinner and features a black anti-flare shield, walkways and propeller spinner. The cockpit interior is grey and even the exhaust vents are given a rusty brown finish. Carrying its wartime J5H number in green, the additional SN330 serial number is printed alongside the RAF roundel on the under wings and along the fuselage. A final detail incorporates the No. 3 Squadron RAF badge featuring the mythical winged beast on the tailfin.

This model will pair very nicely with the Oxford Tempest Mk V - JF-Z also previously released in the livery of RAF No. 3 Sqn as it served during wartime at RAF Newchurch in 1944. From there it played a key part against the German held Normandy coast. No. 3 Squadron, first formed in 1918, still operates Typhoons today, namely the Eurofighter, based at RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire.

Hawker Tempest Mk V

Designed to improve upon the successful Typhoon, the RAF's Hawker Tempest was first flown on February 24th, 1943. Unproductive in its intended role as an interceptor, the Tempest underwent improvements in fuel storage, a new wing and a redesigned cockpit. With its proven armament of 4 x 20mm cannons the Hawker assumed the fighter-bomber role with ease and exhibited the performance of a top-flight fighter. Its excellent low-altitude performance made it one of the preferred tools for dealing with the German V-1 flying bombs.

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Oxford Diecast Oxford Aviation

The Oxford Diecast "Oxford Aviation" range presents affordable, ready made diecast models of military aircraft.

Oxford Diecast "Oxford Aviation" diecast airplanes feature:

  • Diecast metal and plastic construction.
  • Realistic panel lines, antennas, access panels and surface details.
  • Permanently retracted landing gear.
  • Presentation stand to display the aircraft "in flight".
  • Fixed, non-spinning plastic propellers.
  • No pilot figures.

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