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SkyMax Flying Heroes SM4008
Hawker Tempest Mk V Diecast Model
RAF No.80 Sqn, EJ705, F. A. Lang, Volkel AB, Netherlands, Autumn 1944

1:72 Scale   Length   Width
Hawker Tempest Mk V   5.75"   6.75"

Just prior to D-Day RAF No. 80 Squadron was assigned to the Air Defence of Great Britain flying Spitfires. The 80th was now equipped with Hawker Tempests and assigned to destroying V-1 flying bombs. Once the V-1 threat was over, the unit transferred to Volkel, the Netherlands. The personal markings on Tempest EJ705 "W2-X" were quite unique in that instead of a very discrete wife or girlfriend's name Australian pilot F. A. Lang applied a kangaroo holding an Australian flag. This aircraft destroyed 3 Bf-109s and 1 Fw-190 before being destroyed by fire on start up.

Hawker Tempest Mk V

Designed to improve upon the successful Typhoon, the RAF's Hawker Tempest was first flown on February 24th, 1943. Unproductive in its intended role as an interceptor, the Tempest underwent improvements in fuel storage, a new wing and a redesigned cockpit. With its proven armament of 4 x 20mm cannons the Hawker assumed the fighter-bomber role with ease and exhibited the performance of a top-flight fighter. Its excellent low-altitude performance made it one of the preferred tools for dealing with the German V-1 flying bombs.

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SkyMax's 1:72 scale Hawker Tempest V is constructed almost entirely from diecast metal and has many fine features usually only found in higher priced models. The fuselage and solid metal wing have a near-seamless construction with crisp panel line details, an all-metal empennage and radiator core detail inside the large chin scoop. The free-spinning, four-bladed propeller is diecast metal, and the removable bubble top canopy allows for an unobstructed view of the spade grip-style control stick and instrument panel. The landing lights have transparent lenses and mounted under the wing is a pitot tube and ordnance such as fuel tanks and bombs (most releases).

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SkyMax Flying Heroes

The SkyMax "Flying Heroes" range presents detailed, ready-made diecast models of military aircraft. SkyMax offer the more price-sensitive collector a cheaper alternative to models from leading manufacturers like Corgi and Century Wings.

SkyMax"Flying Heroes" diecast airplanes feature:

  • Diecast metal construction with some plastic components.
  • Realistic panel lines, antennas, access panels and surface details.
  • Pad printed markings and placards that won't fade or peel like decals.
  • Interchangeable extended/retracted landing gear.

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