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We regret this item is no longer available for sale. Please see the product description for links to similar items we still have available.

GeminiJets Gemini Jets GJAAL1973
Boeing 737-800 Diecast Model
American Airlines, N905NN American Heritage Jet

1:400 Scale   Length   Width
Boeing 737-800   4"   3.5"

American Airlines has had a long history, and the carrier decided one way to celebrate its long history was by painting aircraft in commemorative retro liveries. These liveries celebrate some past American Airlines liveries as well as airlines that American has acquired or merged with to create the modern-day giant that the world knows today.

737-800 #N905NN was painted in an "AstroJet" American Airlines Heritage livery. This livery harks back to the early days of American Airlines, back when the carrier was against painting its aircraft exteriors and instead let the aircraft's natural silver hue shine through. This livery is a little different from the old American Airlines livery pre-US Airways merger. While it also sported a polished metal finish, that livery had a little different design that was a smidge more modern than the AstroJet livery, which brings back memories of the start of the jet age.

Please note: An optional display stand is available separately if you wish to display this model "in-flight".

Boeing 737-800

Designed as a smaller, short-ranged alternative to the Boeing 707 and 727, the 737 was first flown on April 9th, 1967. Over its long operational carreer, the 737 has spawned numerous variants ranging in capacity from less than 100 to more than 200 seats. In fact, the 737 series is the best-selling jetliner in aviation history with more than 6,500 aircraft manufactured to date and more than 4,500 still in service with over 500 airlines around the world. Incredibly, there is a 737 taking off or landing somewhere in the world, on average, every five seconds.

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GeminiJets Gemini Jets

The GeminiJets "Gemini Jets" range presents higly-detailed, ready-made diecast models of civilian and military aircraft in 1:400 scale. Prized by collectors worldwide, Gemini define the benchmark by which other 1:400 aircraft brands are judged.

GeminiJets "Gemini Jets" diecast airplanes feature:

  • Diecast metal construction, including wings and tail surfaces.
  • Realistic panel lines, antennas, access panels and surface details.
  • Pad printed markings and placards that won't fade or peel like decals.
  • Permanently extended metal landing gear.
  • Optional presentation stand available (sold separately) to display the aircraft "in flight".

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