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De Agostini WWII Bombers DAWB03
Liore-et-Olivier LeO 451 Diecast Model
Armee de l'Air de Vichy GB I/11, White 4, Oran, Algeria, 1941

1:144 Scale   Length   Width
Liore-et-Olivier LeO 451   4.75"   6.25"

As only a handful of the new Liore-et-Olivier LeO 45 bombers had been introduced into the French Air Force by the outbreak of the Second World War, it was too late to provide a substantial contribution during the Battle of France in the face of an invasion by Nazi Germany. As a result of the Armistice of 22 June 1940, the type continued to be manufactured and operated by the Vichy French Air Force (Armee de l'air de Vichy). The Vichy French Air Force existed between December 1940 and December 1942 and largely served to defend Vichy French territories abroad. The LeO 45 participated in combat missions throughout the remainder of the war and continued to be used for some time after its end by the post-war French Air Force. The last examples in active service were retired in September 1957.

Liore-et-Olivier LeO 451

Designed to meet a French specification for a four-seat day-bomber, the LeO451 was first flown on January 16th, 1937.

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De Agostini WWII Bombers

The De Agostini "WWII Bombers" range presents affordable, ready made diecast models of World War II military aircraft in 1:144 scale. To help keep the price down, these items arrive in low-cost, discardable blister type packaging.

De Agostini "WWII Bombers" diecast airplanes feature:

  • Diecast metal and plastic construction.
  • Realistic panel lines, antennas, access panels and surface details.
  • Permanently extended landing gear.
  • Presentation stand to display the aircraft "in flight".

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