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Sometimes we have so much new stock that we're forced to place great items on sale just to make room for new arrivals. Get a bargain on your favorite diecast aircraft or tank by regularly visiting this department.

Please Note:

  • We are reducing inventory levels and not closing out these items completely. As soon as an item reaches its target inventory level, it will be returned to its regular price. Be sure to act fast as these prices cannot last and are unlikely to be seen again!
  • Sale items may be included in new orders only for immediate shipping. We regret that these items may not be added to any outstanding orders/pre-orders you may have with us.

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Please feel free to browse our entire selection of All On Sale items shown here or choose from one of the following sub-categories to help narrow down your choice:

Modern US Fighter 2-Piece Bundle

1:72 *Mule Pack*
ON SALE $39.95 Save 25%

Anteres-class Carrier

Bajorans, STAR TREK: The Next Generation

EG-ST0101 Eaglemoss
1:1866 Diecast Model
ON SALE $34.95 Save 26%

Emmette-type Starship

SS Emmette, STAR TREK: Enterprise, w/Magazine

EG-ST0124 Eaglemoss
1:900 Diecast Model
ON SALE $34.95 Save 26%

Export Freighter

Malons, STAR TREK: Voyager, w/Magazine

EG-ST0045 Eaglemoss
1:4364 Diecast Model
ON SALE $34.95 Save 26%

Kazon Raider

Kazon Collective, STAR TREK: Voyager, w/Magazine

EG-ST0106 Eaglemoss
1:1569 Diecast Model
ON SALE $34.95 Save 26%

Long March 2F Rocket


DM-56253 Dragon Models
1:400 Diecast Model
ON SALE $33.95 Save 26%

Nausicaan Raider

Nausicaan, STAR TREK: Enterprise, w/Magazine

EG-ST0030 Eaglemoss
1:870 Diecast Model
ON SALE $34.95 Save 26%

Temporal Weapon Ship

Krenim Imperium, STAR TREK: Voyager, w/Magazine

EG-ST0022 Eaglemoss
1:10350 Diecast Model
ON SALE $34.95 Save 26%

Vidiian Warship

Vidiians, STAR TREK: Voyager, w/Magazine

EG-ST0103 Eaglemoss
1:2727 Diecast Model
ON SALE $34.95 Save 26%

Voth City Ship

Voth, STAR TREK: Voyager, w/Magazine

EG-ST0070 Eaglemoss
1:78571 Diecast Model
ON SALE $34.95 Save 26%

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